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Windwalker Monk - Guide, Builds & Talents

Windwalker Monk Guide 5.4

The Windwalker Monk is the DPS spec and therefor the most popular Monk spec to play. They are very mobile martial-arts specialists who attack from melee range. Like all Monks, the Windwalker monk must manage two resource pools to perform attacks.

Windwalker Monk Builds
Energy is a constantly regenerating pool of 100 points. Energy is scalable (with Haste) and is buffed by Energizing Brew. Chi is a 4 point system that is akin to a Paladins Holy Power. There are numerous WindWalker Monk abilities that generate Chi. Once Chi is generated it can then be spent on very powerful damage abilities.

The Chi system affords the Windwalker Monk the ability to regulate how and when they use their most powerful attacks. The player can choose to save Chi for burst damage or they can continuously build and spend Chi for sustained DPS.

Windwalker Monk Gear: With the leather specialization afforded to Winwalker Monks, the 5% agility is a welcomed stat. Wear leather and leather only.

Windwalker Stat priority:  Agility is king then – Hit > Expertise > Haste > Parry > Dodge > Crit > Mastery
*Remember Hit to 7.5% and Expertise to 7.5%

Windwalker Monk Abilities:
Remember management of both resources is a priority. Try to avoid having your Energy at 100% (regen stops) and also avoid using Chi building attacks when you are at full Chi.

Energy based abilities: 

Jab: Costs 40 Energy with no cooldown. This is your default attack when higher priority attacks are on cooldown. Consider it an energy dump that will generate 2 Chi.
With Combo Breaker Jab can possibly proc a free Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick.

Spinning Crane Kick: Costs 40 Energy and has no cooldown. It will generate 1 Chi if it hits three or more mobs. This is a 3 second channeled AoE spell that does damage in a small 360 degree area around the Windwalker Monk. This is your primary Chi building spell for AoE style fights.

Expel Harm: This ability heals you and deals damage to the enemy. The damage is based on the amount healed. It also has the same energy cost Jab and generates 2 Chi. This ability has a 15 second cooldown.  NOTE* It only deals damage if it can heal you as well, at full health it will only grant Chi.

Chi based abilities: 
Tiger Palm: Costs 1 Chi with no cooldown. This ability is your stacking armor penetration debuff on the mob, it also significantly boosts your damage. Use it at the start of the fight and maintain the debuff on your target. Can be proceed by Combo Breaker but it is a poor use of the proc. Do not waste Master procs on this skill.

Blackout Kick: Primary Chi based ability that costs 2 Chi with no cooldown. Due to Combat Conditioning, BK can do more damage (behind mob) or maybe heal you for a small amount (in front of mob). Can be proceed due to Combo Breaker.

Rising Sun Kick: Costs 2 Chi and has an 8 second cooldow. This is a strong DPS skill. Applies Mortal Wounds which also debuffs targets allowing you to damore damage! Use on cooldown.

Fists of Fury: Costs 3 Chi with a 25 second cooldown. A 4 second channeled ability that does conel damage in front Windwalker Monk. It applies a stun to affected targets and splits the damage between them.

Spinning Fire Blossom: A non targeted ranged attack that costs 1 Chi. Moderate damage at range with a root effect. Hits single enemy in its path with the collision is determined at launch. Cumbersome attack at best.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger: Level 90 talent.

Other Windwalker Monk abilities:

Energizing Brew: 60 second cooldown that provides Energy regeneration. Use often.

Tigereye Brew: Primary DPS ability based on stacks. It stacks up to 10 times, remember damage = to stacks up to 20%

Touch of Karma: Absorbs all damage up to your max health and redirects all incoming damage to the target. Costs 2 Chi and requires melee range to activate without the glyph.

Fortifying Brew: Mitigation cooldown, think Shield Wall / Icebound Fortitude. 3 minute cooldown and lasts 20 seconds.

Zen Meditation: Channeled spell with 90% damage reduction. 3 Minute cooldown that lasts 8 seconds. Cancels on melee damage.

The down and dirty on the rest of the Windwalker Monk abilities/spells:

Roll: Burst movement (think Sprint) that has two charges that build up over time.

Flying Serpent Kick: Mobility spell for Windwalker Monks. Can’t change direction once you activated and requires a second button press to stop flying and activate the snare.

Touch of Death: A powerful ability with a large cost, this ability will instantly kill anything with less health than you. Costs 3 Chi and has a 1.5 minute cooldown. Useless in raids and does not work on player targets.

Legacy of the Emperor: This buff is available to all monks, +5 to all stats.

Legacy of the White Tiger: A special Windwalker Monk only buff for +5 crit.

Windwalker Monk Build


Windwalker Monk Rotation / Spell Priority:

Single Target –
1. Rising Sun Kick for debuff
2. Tiger Palm for buff/de-buff up
3. Tigereye Brew (watch stacks)
4. Energizing Brew on cooldown
5. Invoke Xuen on cooldown
6. Fist of Fury (Watch energy – use below 60%)
7. Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm to use any Mastery procs.
8. Jab or Expel Harm to manage energy & generate Chi.
9. Blackout Kick to burn Chi.
This is more of a priority based play style. You will be mashing buttons as they come off cool down and as things proc. It is not as complicated as the list implies.

Multiple Targets (AoE)-
1. Rising Sun Kick for de-buff on all nearby targets.
2. Tigereye Brew / Energizing Brew on cooldown
3. Invoke Xuen on cooldown
4. Spinning Crane Kick to manage energy & generate Chi.


Reforge for Hit and Expertise to cap. Then follow priority.

Windwalker Monk Glyphs – Glyph of Blackout Kick & Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick last one your choice.

Windwalker Monk Gems – Hit and Expertise till cap then Agility Windwalker Monk Enchants – Agility when possible

Flasks – Flask of Spring Blossoms most will opt for the Agility.

Elixirs – Monk’s Elixir followed by either Mantid Elixir or Elixir of Mirrors. Know the fight and choose accordingly for physical or magic heavy fights.

Potion -Virmen’s Bite

Food – Sea Mist Rice Noodles

In a hurry to get that newborn Pandaren Monk to max level? Take a look at the highly recommended leveling guide from X-elerated Guides.
This Windwalker Monk Guide 5.4 will be changing/updated as needed.

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