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Pandaren Racial Abilities

In previous articles we have outlined all of the Pandaren specs. Now let’s take a look at the specific Pandaren racial abilities that were announced at Blizzcon.

Pandaren Monk - Inner Peace

At first glance it looks as if the developers have done a really good job of shaping the Pandaren racial abilities to the Pandaren. Having a portly build and some Asian flair the image of the Pandaren stirs up an appreciation for food, drink and fighting. It is logical that the racial abilities chosen for the Pandaren fit these themes as well.

Epicurean: Increases the stat benefit from food by 100%. I think this one feels a bit over powered to be honest. That is a huge bump to the benefit of food consumables. I would not be surprised if this one gets a nerf in the first major update after the release of Mists of Pandaria.

Gourmand: Cooking skill increased by 15. This is rather obvious for the race but it soon enough it will be another one of those useless stats once the Pandaern reaches max level cooking. There are a number of racial abilities in World of Warcraft that become nearly obsolete at max skill level.

Inner Peace: Rested XP bonus lasts twice as long. This will be a huge boon to those players leveling their new Pandaren Monks. By matching this Pandaren racial talent with some bind on account gear, you will see some speedy leveling. Currently Blizzard is saying that all Panadren will start at level 1 so this talent makes perfect sense in that aspect. Once again this talent will be worthless at max level.

Bouncy: The Pandaren take 50% less falling damage. While this talent is not super useful it should be fun. There will no doubt be a lot of Pandaren jumping off of things just to push the limits of this talent. I have a question, is there a “bouncy” animation that goes along with the talent?

Quaking Palm: The Pandaren touches a secret pressure point on an enemy target that puts it to sleep for 3 seconds. I am sure there will be a rather long cooldown on this talent but it is still cool. Blizzard is leaning heavily on Pandaren lore with this inclusion of an acupressure talent. In my opinion this is the perfect Pandaren racial talent. It fits the Pandaren and the martial arts focus perfectly.

All in all the Pandaren racial abilities are pretty good. I am not sure what else I would like to see but I have the feeling that something is missing. What about you? What are your thoughts on the Pandaren racial abilities? Did Blizzard get this right or did they drop the ball completely?

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