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Sooner or later WoW players will begin looking for names for their Pandaren characters. Obviously there will be players with no imagination who will use any derivative of “Panda” that they can. On the other side of that coin will be those players who will put some thought into their Pandaren names.

Pandaren Names - Mists of Pandaria
The entire Pandaren race (in WoW) was born of an April fools joke so Pandaren lore is not as deep as some of the other races on Azeroth. While Pandaren lore may not be as extensive as other races, the naming convention that has been used is consistent with the Chinese influence. Name such as Chen, Chou, Mei and Xinag can be found throughout the lore.

One of the more well known aspects of Pandaren lore is their love of beer. This obvious influence is evident in some of the Pandaren surnames. Alcohol influenced surnames such as Stormstout, Honeybrew and Reedwine are prevalent.

Pandaren naming practices are similar to those used by humans. Pandaren names consist of a given name and a surname. Hence Chen Stormstout is a perfect example of such. While WoW doesn’t allow the use of two names for a characters you can still choose the perfect Pandaren name by adhering to the Chinese/alcohol influence.

Pandaren Names – Examples:

Pandaren Names













With a bit of creativity you should have no problem coming up with the perfect name for your Pandaren. Don’t be one those unimaginative people running around with something as unoriginal as Sadpanda. There are enough horrible names in the World of Warcraft, don’t let your Pandaren have one of them!

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    Definitely not the names I was expecting. I was thinking like Sulu or Kaliki…idk why! lol

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    I’ve take a real (chinese) name uit the off line world: Akiyoto. & alway at the top of the alphabetical list.