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Monk Builds and Talents

We have added video guides for all of the Monk specs builds and talents! The Pandaren Monk Builds and Talents page will be updated as things progress with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

It is all here Brewmaster Monk build, Winwalker Monk Build an the Mistweaver Monk build.

Head on over to the Monk Builds and Talents page to take a look!

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Brewmaster Monk Guide Updated

The Brewmaster Monk guide has been updated with a new video. The video covers the Brewmaster Monk talents/build for your fresh level 90 Brewmaster Tank. Pop on ovr and tke a look!

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Pandaren Monk Leveling Guide

Setting out to level a brand new character in WoW? Most find themselves easily discouraged because of the long haul in front of them. The idea of leveling that new Pandaren Monk from 1-90 can be a grueling, but it doesn’t have to be.

Leveling A Monk
Are you aware that there are some bad habits that might be affecting your success (and speed of leveling)? There are some simple things you can cut out of your leveling game play to help ensure your toon will never slow to a snail’s pace. For most players these “minor things” don’t warrant their attention. Unfortunately ignoring them always adds up to a MAJOR time drain. By simply eliminating these bad habits, you can also eliminate the grueling process and major time sink of reaching max level.

All it really boils down to is time management and proper use of available tools. It took me years of grinding, reading forums, and experimenting to finally pinpoint exactly what was keeping me from leveling efficiently.

#1 Stop Running/Flying
Simply set your hearthstone at an Inn, and use to get back ASAP. Of course any mount can be a huge time saver while questing but you can also save yourself anywhere from 5-20 minutes of running/flying to turn a quest in, if you just use your hearthstone. Forgetting to use your hearthstone once isn’t that bad, but you can see how this adds up to wasting a lot of time. The hearthstone is a fantastic tool that most people forget to use.

#2 Remember the time cost of “Sight Seeing”
While leveling a toon, you have to periodically visit a major city to visit class and profession trainers. While taking your toon to a city to train is a legitimate time investment, the question is “how often should you train?” With the new talent trees in the Mists of Pandaria, the most time efficient way to handle the training situation is to visit the major cities when you are “in the area”. Stop going out of your way just to train.

#3 Underestimating Time Sinks
During travel, watch out for the habit of browsing the Internet only to leave your toon sitting at a flight master or worse yet flying half across the world passed your intended destination! Also, getting distracted by shopping at the AH is just one of the things that cities have to offer in the “time drain” category. To combat this, you can make a bank alt, and park it next to the AH. This is the toon that should be doing all of your AH business. Now if you insist on browsing the AH, at least you don’t waste time by running your other characters all over the map. Not taking advantage of a bank alt may seem like small potatoes, but it’s a short walk to the mail box from the AH.

#4 Giving Away Control Over Your Leveling Speed
We’ve all had the thought that “hey, elite mobs in dungeons give a ton of xp, so I should just queue for random dungeons.” But there are too many variables that can come into play and spoil the idea of dungeon leveling. Yes you’ll be getting xp while you’re in the dungeon, but what about the downtime? And what if you get a fail group? Some dungeon runs will grant you a whole level worth of XP or more at the lower levels, but it’s not worth it if the groups drag out for hours at a time.

#5 Making The Most of Someone Else’s Knowledge
The World of Warcraft is a mature game, because of this, players have developed various tools and add-ons to help not only themselves but other players as well. By leveraging these add-ons we can make our game play more focused and enjoyable. In my opinion one of the most helpful tools to use is a leveling guide – Mist of Pandaria version of course. The major down fall of most World of Warcraft leveling guides is they are outside of the game. Switching between the game and the guide can be a pain and using a printed one is even worse. The easiest and most efficient Mists of  Pandaria leveling guide to use is an “in-game” guide, one that is actually part of the game.

#6 Maximizing  Your Rested XP
Always and I mean ALWAYS make sure to park your character at an inn that will replenish your rested XP bonus. It may seem trival but remember life happens. You may be planning on playing again soon, but it is possible that your character could be stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours or even worse days. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you do come back, you are getting that rested XP bonus?
As you can see the list of “minor things that add up” can be a long one. But by simply using the right tools and add-ons you can become a well-oiled leveling machine. If you want to free your leveling from the clutches of these minor things and experience the game in a whole new way, look no further. Details about the “in game” version of the X-Elerated Warcraft Guide I mentioned can be found by clicking here.


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