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Monk Gear Problems

One of the things attracting me to the Pandaren race and the monk class in general is the martial arts tie-in. The idea of having a character that will visually have the fluid movement of a martial artist is kind of cool. Unfortunately I can see one thing that will take away from that fluid feeling. GEAR.

Bear (no pun intended) with me a minute on this. As characters progress they accumulate gear. In order to make the gear look and feel more powerful as you progress, it gets bigger and bulkier. Heavy cumbersome looking shoulders are a prime example of this. Nearly ever shoulder slot upgrade is visually bigger and bulkier. Also they have some type of doo-dads hanging off of them as well.

Over-sized, bulky looking gear just does not fit well will the martial arts motif. When I conjure up the idea of martial arts fighters none of them are wearing garish bulky gear. No, they are all sleek fighting machines with minimal gear. I envision my Windwalker Monk with little more than a robe and a plain looking staff.

Right now all of the Pandaren Monk images we have access too fit my mental image. Every one of them shows a Pandaren wearing little more than a monk robe. I have a feeling that in the first max level blue gear, Monks everywhere will be wearing these ridiculously bulky gear sets. I wish it were going to be different but I am sure it won’t be.

I am curious if any one else thinks that this will be the case with Monks. Maybe it is a non-issue and I am the only one who has a concern. What do you think? Is okay that your Brewmaster Monk will be wearing they gear that I described? Will this take away some of the allure of the class? I know that it might for me, what about you?

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2 Responses to “Pandaren Monk Gear”

  1. nicholas says:

    Not to be a jerk or anything but if looks are what you are concerned about why not just transmog your gear seems stupid to complain about a class because of the looks of gear that’s why blizz gave us the xmog stuff.