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Pandaren Monk Class

The Monk class uses Chi as a resource. This is similar to energy/rage so those of you who have played a class dependent on these resources should be familiar with the mechanics.

The Monk will also employ the use of stances. At this point the mentioned stances are Drunken Tiger and Ox. Apparently each stance will use a type of force such as Light and Dark.

Monk Class Abilities

Monk Hand Strikes

  • Jab: You jab the target dealing 11 damage and generating 1 light force and 1 dark force. Cost: 40 chi.
  • Tiger Palm: Attack with the palm of your hand, dealing 23 physical damage. Deals additional damage if the target is above 50% health. Cost: 1 light force.

Monk Kicks

  • Spinning Crane Kick: Spin kick in the air. Movement speed reduced by 30% that possibly awards a bonus of no cooldown.
  • Blackout Kick: Kick with a blast of sha energy. The kick causes 39 physical damage and if the target is killed you are refunded 1 dark force.
  • Flying Serpent Kick: Soar towards enemy which stuns for 2 sec.

Additional Monk Attacks:

  • Roll: This increases speed and is pretty cool to watch when it is performed – Cost: 50 chi.
  • Clobber: Melee stave ability which generates both light and dark forces.

Monks can be one of the three roles:
Brewmaster: Tank
Mistweaver: Healer
Windwalker: Melee DPS

Monk Armor
Monks will benefit from leather armor and will use agility or intellect as their primary stat.

The Races That Can Be Monks
Alliance: Draenei, Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf
Horde: Blood Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead

Both: Pandaren

Check out the IGN video of the Pandaren Monk in action!

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