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Pandaren Mistweaver Monk - Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard has announced that the Monk class will have three options when it comes to play style, these of course are Tank, DPS and Healer. With this article I want to focus on the Mistweaver Monk which will be the healing spec for the Monk class.

As a healing class the Mistweaver introduces a new healing mechanic to the World of Warcraft players, the melee healer. The healing done by the Mistweaver will be based on melee attacks not the traditional healing spells currently in the game. In essence the Mistweaver Monk’s healing will be dependent on the damage that they do.

This is a drastic departure from traditional WoW healing. Presently Holy Paladins do have some limited melee type healing but they are far more effective as traditional caster healers. The Misteweaver on the other hand will have to be right in the thick of things mixing it up with the boss! It should also be noted that the Mistweaver Monk will have the ability to place three statues which will help with radiating heals to those within 20 yards of the statue and the Monk.

While healing via damage is new to the World of Warcraft it has been in other games for sometime. Most recently Rift has employed healing by damage with their Chloromancer Mage class. This particular healer is a typical caster so the melee spin in WoW will be a bit different although they are based on the same premise.

At this point we do not have a lot of information about Mistweaver Monks we do know that they will wear leather armor. This is in line with current Balance/Healing Druids who wear leather and use intelligence as their primary stat of choice.

We also know that the Monk class will be using various one handed weapons such as maces, daggers and swords. The Mistweaver Monk will most likely be able to carry a two handed staff. Unlike the other melee classes in World of Warcraft, Monks will rely primarily on hand and foot strikes and their weapons will probably only be used for the big “finish” move.

The Monk class promises to add an exciting new method of healing in the Mists of Pandaria. Will current healers embrace this new style or will it take a new wave of WoW players to allow the Mistweaver Monk see its full potential? At this point only time will tell.

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