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Pandaren Brewmaster Monk - Mists of Pandaria

The new Monk Class announced by Blizzard at this years Blizzcon will come in three flavors: Mistweaver, Windwalker and Brewmaster. Today we will be taking a look the Brewmaster which will be the Tanking spec for the Monk Class.

Of course tanks are nothing new to the World of Warcraft but the Tanking Monk is. As a tank the Brewmaster will be agility dependent which means this class of tank will employ an avoidance method of tanking. The Brewmaster Monk will be adept at avoiding incoming attacks from enemies while meating out damage to keep their attention.

The Pandaren Brewmaster Monk should prove to be a exceptional tanking class to play simply because they will have no auto attacks! The lack of auto attacks will be an interesting obstacle to maintaining threat, for now we will just have to wait and see how the programmers will pull this off. Over all the Monk class will primarily use “combo moves” like other fighter style games. I expect this to be a huge boon to the melee spec but I will reserve judgement on how effect this will be for tanking.

Brewmaster Monk Gear/Weapons

Brewmaster tanks will wear leather gear (like the Druid) and will use agility as their primary stat. As of now it looks as if the staff will be the weapon of choice for the Brewmaster Monk. The staff choice isn’t too surprising due to the fact that Monk’s in general will primarily be dependent on hand and foot strikes. The weapon may be more of a “stat stick” than anything else but don’t be shocked if it comes into play during a “finishing move” type of attack.

Brewmaster tanking will definitely have a feel all its own. The obvious martial arts influence will be a primary cause of this. I think Greg Ghostcrawler Street said it best over at WoW Insider:

“The Brewmaster should have the feel of dodging and weaving in combat, reminiscent of the drunken master from martial arts flicks.”

Due to the fact that the Mists of Pandaria is so early in development there are very few details about the Brewmaster Monk. The class itself is shaping up to be a very unique experience for WoW players and as a tank the Brewmaster Monk should be a refreshing take on tanking.

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  1. Wolf says:

    This will just make even more people switch to Diablo 3

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  3. wowrw says:

    Diablo 3 sucks wow is amazing