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Brewmaster Monks and Active Mitigation

In an earlier post about Brewmaster Monks I mentioned Chi which is the primary resource for the monk class. It is something akin to energy which is currently the primary resource for Rogues and Feral Druids. Just like energy, Chi replenishes over time.

In that post I briefly mentioned the Light/Dark resource which is the secondary resource for all of the Monk specs. In the current model it is a point system. There are four points of each, Light and Dark, that can be accumulated. Light/Dark points are generated by the Monk using abilities that require Chi. As Chi is depleted Light/Dark points are accumulated.

One of the things that make the Light/Dark point system kind of unique is there are some Monks abilities which will use no Light/Dark points. There are some abilities that will use either Light or Dark points and other abilities which will use both Light and Dark. When you really look at it the combinations can become rather complex.

In my continual hunt for all things Pandaren I have bumped into plenty of theory and speculation. This is to be expected of course but at times it can also be very frustrating. Recently I stumbled onto a discussion about Brewmaster Monks over at Tankspot. The first part of the discussion is based on what was seen at Blizzcon, the second half however was pure theory.

While the discussion was focused squarely on Brewmaster Monk tanks, no one ever mentioned the new tanking model rumored to arrive in Mists of Pandaria. For those of you unaware I am referring to the active mitigation theory of tanking as explained by Ghostcrawler in the Blizzard Development blog. If ever there was a tanking class/spec that was perfect for active mitigation, the Brewmaster Monk is it.

Active mitigation fits the Monk class perfectly due to their lack of auto attacks. With the Brewmaster, Windwlaker and Mistweaver whenever you see an ability animation, it is the result of a pushed button. Using the active mitigation model, and knowing that the Brewmaster Monk will rely on agility as a primary stat we can make an educated guess that the Monks survivability will be dependent on deftly avoiding attacks and using active mitigation abilities.

Ghostcrawler has said that a Brewmaster Monk should visually look like a Drunken Kung-Fu master. Left to our imaginations we can almost picture them swaying back and forth almost as if they are teetering slightly off balance. The baddie attacks and our Monk flies into action! Close your eyes and picture him blocking and parrying attacks while dodging with an almost Muhammad Ali perfection.

I smile a bit as I write this because all of this dodging and weaving has me thinking of one person and one person only, Patches O’Houlihan! Forget the five D’s of dodge ball, they are now the five D’s of Brewmaster tanking. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge! When the Mists of Pandaria is released and you see a rash of Pandaren Brewmaster Monks running around with name Patches, you will know where it came from.

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