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Pandaren Racial Talent - Bouncy

The Pandaren racial ability Bouncy is kind of getting under my skin. I know that Mists of Pandaria is only in the alpha stage and that game details can and will change. But this Bouncy ability is just not sitting right with me. After seven ultra successful years of MMO domination, can’t the WoW dev team come up with a better racial ability for the Pandaren?

At first glance Bouncy seems like an “okay” racial talent for the Pandaren. But once you start thinking about it, Bouncy becomes horrible. It almost screams lazy. How often will the talent ever come into play? Sure you might make a mistake and fall off of something once or twice but is that worth sacrificing a racial ability for?

Okay.. .okay… I have seen Kung-Fu Panda and there might be a small tie-in there but let it go already. Give us something we can use. Please. With the martial arts influence, there are thousands of possibilities. If we need to stick with the cheesy movie tie-ins how about we use something from the Last Dragon? Think about it, Pandaren with “The Glow”!

Hit the hot key for your “Glow” racial ability and suddenly your Pandaren’s body and hands glow and eerie orange color and he/she shouts “Who’s the master?” And then they block, dodge or parry all attacks for 8 seconds! Hell yeah. Now that is a kick ass Pandaren racial talent! Who wouldn’t love that? But of course we get stuck with Bouncy. Meh…

Look at all the thought that went into the Goblin racial abilities. Now that there is how it should be done. There was some though put into those and they work well with the Goblin race. Give us that with the Pandaren will you? Remember Mists of Pandaria may be the expansion that ushers the World of Warcraft off into the sunset. Make the Pandaren worth the effort.

I guess it could be worse. At least Bouncy is not as bad as the Night Elf racial talent Wisp! What was the though behind that one? “Well Jim, since anyone who chooses a Night Elf will most likely spend the majority of their play time dead anyway, how about we let them move around faster when they are dead?” Bouncy is bad but Wisp is down right insulting!

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2 Responses to “Bouncy Is A Loser”

  1. Blacklol says:

    1. MoP isn’t last xpac (0 chance)
    2. You want a retardly op cd as your racial?

    • Kauzmo says:

      MoP is the final major WoW expansion. With Titan due, WoW is due to sunset. As for the racial it was an attempt at humor, obviously it missed.