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Welcome to PandarenMonk.net the home of everything related to the Monk class in the World of Warcraft. From class guides to videos on talent choices for all three monk specializations, we have it all. Take a look around, I am sure we can help you with your Pandaren Monk!

The Brewmaster Monk is the newest tanking class in the World of Warcraft who just happens to tank mobs in an entirely new way. Click Here for the full Brewmaster Monk Guide!

Melee healing anyone? If so this might be the class for you. The Mistweaver Monk is probably the most unique healing class in the World of Warcraft. UP for a challenge? Click Here to begin.

The Windwalker Monk is the DPS spec for Monks and it is the most popular of all the Monk specs. Swift and deadly, the Windwalker monk is a blast to play.
Click Here
to learn more!

PandarenMonk.net is adding regularly adding new content so come back often. Need more information on Brewmaster, Windwalker or Mistweaver Monks? Check out our news page, it is updated regularly with with anything and everything related to Pandaren Monks!

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